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Every Member Campaign

EMC 2016 Donate Now 

Message from AFP Saskatoon EMC Chair

Count Yourself In! 

Each year through the Every Member Campaign we ask each member to consider making a charitable donation in support of our profession. The AFP Saskatoon Chapter Goal for 2017 is $2,590.

Last year we surpassed this goal and hope to do so again this year. We already have 100% commitment from our Chapter Board toward this. Now it’s your turn to stand up and be counted.

For many of us our employer supports us by paying our membership to AFP so this is something we can do as an individual. I would like to thank you for your past financial support and for your personal leadership to our Saskatoon Chapter. 

So why give? Or why should you?

Each of us will have our own reason for giving of course. Consider that your donation helps enable:

Valuable research such as the What Canadian Donors Want Study, the Study on Social Enterprise and so much more;

It provides Scholarships to education opportunities; 

Fuels mentorship programs;

Advances our advocacy efforts;

Provides translation of many resources; and 

Delivers invaluable education seminars and webinars on thought leadership and best practices.

All of this aimed at improving the philanthropic environment in which we all live and operate as well as elevating the practice of philanthropy and the encouragement of philanthropy across our city, our province, our country and indeed across the globe.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is right behind us every step of the way. Whether you're starting a career or have been fundraising for decades, AFP is our professional association and an authority on best practice ethical fundraising.

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada is the philanthropic arm of AFP and our Chapters in Canada. Through the provision of grants to Chapters, Members, and supporting AFP initiatives, the Foundation is Enhancing Ethical Practice, Building Satisfying Careers, and Strengthening the Sector & Society.

Put simply, the Foundation's mission is to transform Canadian philanthropy.

 We ask you to make a donation and help AFP shape the future of philanthropy in Canada?

Your EMC gift will enhance programs and services beyond what membership dues can provide. Specifically, your donations will be put to work helping to achieve the following goals for 2017-18:

* Create Sector Advocates - through Member Education

* Build Philanthropic Leaders - through Scholarships

* Strengthen the Sector - through Career Mentoring

* Foster Understanding of philanthropy and fundraising practices - through Research

You can help the Foundation do even more by making a contribution to the Every Member Campaign today.   Please take a moment today to visit our chapter website and make your donation online at AFP Saskatoon Every Member Campaign

Even better, why not consider becoming a monthly donor as I have done? Monthly donations are simple: they're easy to budget for, and you can change your monthly amount at any time. I am proud to say that three years ago I signed up as a monthly donor after hearing a heartfelt presentation in Vancouver about why the speaker took the bold step to do so and why it is important to participate in supporting our professional international, national and local chapter associations. 

If you would like to discuss your donation or want more information please give me a call at 306-880-5522. Thanks! 

P.S When you go online you can review the case for support and or if you want to send in a cheque just download the form and send it in!


Stephanie Hughes


2017 Every Member Campaign 

Saskatoon Chapter