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The benefits of becoming a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals are many and each member has their own personal reasons for becoming involved in the organization that is the world's largest community of charitable fundraisers.

AFP members play an important role in the community and the AFP Saskatoon Chapter would like to showcase those who contribute to improving their community and their world everyday while making a difference in the community organizations for which they serve.



Jen Pederson 

AFP Saskatoon Chapter former President, Jen Pederson 

What is your background?

I have a History degree from the University of Saskatchewan. I’ve always had a keen interest in museums. My route to non-profit/charities  was circuitous(I worked in human services for a while) and was thrilled to go to the Western Development Museum as it is a great mix of my personal interests, education, and passion.

How/when did you become a fundraiser?

By accident! It wasn’t by design at all. I would call it a combination of opportunity and affinity- opportunities kept coming up to learn more and do more in a fundraising capacity. 

What is the work that you do with the WDM?

My title is Director of Development ,which means I oversee all of the fundraising programs for the Western Development Museum across Saskatchewan. I have the opportunity to work with all of the locations and people in the province that are passionate about Saskatchewan’s history.

Do you hold special designations, etc.

I recently achieved my CFRE designation in December 2013. I was a grateful recipient of 2010 Chamberlain Scholarship of AFP Saskatoon (see tab)

What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies?

I am fortunate that I work in an area that I’m passionate about. Preserving and sharing stories is incredibly important to me.

I also love living in a place that is the best place it can be for everyone who lives there and I do what I can to make that happen. I contribute to working on issues around social safety net, better facilities for cycling, supporting local arts and businesses, etc. I have a lovely family that I spend as much time as possible with as well.

Can you share some professional advice or wisdom to someone new in the profession?

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” comes to mind.

Try to strike a balance between the passion-driven, creative side of your work and the absolutely critical, planning side of your work. You need both. All the passion in the world won’t get you anywhere without a plan and a plan is just tactics if you don’t have passion.

July 11, 2014